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Reasons to Choose Lviv car hire

  • Lviv is near the Polish border and has been in that part of Europe where the borders have changed frequently which also explains why the city name has changed many times. It was formerly known as Lvov and also Lwow and formed a specific frontier between east and west, between orthodox and catholic religions.
  • Lviv is only a short drive of 293 kilometres or 182 miles to Krakow the most beautiful city in Poland.
  • This historical and mystifying city is also known as the city of sleeping lions. Take a walking tour of the old city sights to best appreciate it.
  • Car hire is your best choice to visit this region of East Galicia.
  • Soak up the historic City Centre, the only Ukrainian city centre featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Pick up your car hire and visit fascinating Lychakivskiy Cemetery, where about four hundred thousand people including local nobility are buried.
  • The Carpathian Mountains are only 100 kilometres from Lviv and with convenient car hire you can visit this beautiful place of meadows and lakes.

Top Tourist Information & Lviv Car Rental

  • Lviv International Airport is a major airport situated at 7 km from the city centre. It operates regular flights to major international destinations.
  • Lviv Railway Station is the main railway station which is considered as one of the best stations in Europe from architectural and technical point of view, running trains to major national and international destinations.
  • The local transportation is very convenient and is available in the form of city buses (marshrutka), trams, trolley buses, and rail buses. The city bus is the most popular and conveniently fast.
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