Compare & Save on Car Hire Odesa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

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Reasons to Choose Odessa car hire

  • Just pick up your car hire and move around comfortably in this historical city which once was the centre for trade - the third largest city in Ukraine - with a wonderful history reflected in marvellous architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Odessa boasts a major seaport and is the most important Ukrainian city for trade.
  • The city has beautiful avenues which you can appreciate in your car hire as the city was laid out in the 19th century on a central grid. Numerous landowners enriched by the grain trade built their splendid mansions here.
  • Pick up your car hire and comfortably branch out to beautiful Arcadia beach, or even Odessa’s very own nudist beach, Chkalovsky.
  • Another must see place is Lviv, a poetic city of narrow medieval streets paved with stones, and architectural decoration done in different styles - all preserved in its original form. Lviv is approximately 623 kilometres or 387 miles from Odessa.

Top Tourist Information & Odessa Car Rental

  • Odessa International Airport is a major airport serving the city and is easily approachable from the city centre. It is served by major international airlines which operate regular flights to major destinations in Europe and Asia.
  • The city has a variety of local transportation in the forms of intercity bus service connecting major destinations of Ukraine and the old USSR and some international destinations, cable car, trolley buses and trams.
  • Odessa main railway station is close to the city centre running daily trains to major Ukrainian cities and towns. It is also connected to some of the important destinations of the former USSR.
  • The climate of Odessa is a semi-arid continental climate with cold winters and mild to warm summers.
  • Food in the city is comparatively inexpensive and local specialities are excellent.